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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Going cheap - Airtime

Have you noticed TV companies are getting more desperate to sell airtime? I guess it used to be that they could wait on the end of the phone and be order takers. Those days are gone. The fact that broadcasters are having to actually train their departments - train them to be more proactive and train them in sales - shows that they are in trouble. Or maybe they should have done the training a few years ago.

But surely this is a sign of changing times. TV adverts are broad and general. You don't know how many people have actually, really watched it. And did they like it?

Internet advertising - for all its faults - at least is interactive. People only click if they want to.

That's why the face of TV must change. Not for artisitic or creative reasons. But for financial reasons.

Of course I'm hoping that ideas such as 365films and the funding method for Circumference will be a new way forward.

(more on Circumference funding tomorrow)

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