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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Film Makers Get Together

These people couldn't make it. But many can...

Here are the details you require. Basically it is at my house as I can cope with the 15-20 expected. However the 'iffy' weather has forced a reconsider on the BBQ approach. So instead it has become a 'snack based' affair. I'll have some stuff and if everyone brings something (and apply the same creativity to snacks as you do to your projects) it'll be awesome - or at least competent. Shaune Fradley (aka The Uncle) has still threatened to light the barbecue anyway but then he is a bit of pyromaniac generally.

Tim's Guarantee: You will meet people you've never met before and find out more about all the great films going on right now in this neck of the woods.

So who will be there?

  • Me
  • DoP legend Shaune Fradley
  • Script master Danny Stack
  • Ad director Suki Singh with his new feature script
  • New writer George Wielgus (a naive dreamer in his own words)
  • Composer Lee Miller who worked on 10 Seconds
  • Short film prodigy Steven Lake
  • Director of Family Portrait Rob Brown is just back from another shoot.
  • Andy Marsh and Tania Dessolin I haven't spoke to in years - we'll see what they are up to.
  • The 2 Adams from Whitelantern are a couple of local producers
  • Artists Kim and Mark helped me with Hope which we will be at Edinburgh FF this year
  • Comic short hero Adrian Ward might be persuaded to finish his feature
  • Kings of Cannes Pete, Chris and Natalie are just completed their awesome feature Small Town Folk
  • Spinner of odd ball tales Paul Draper will entertain us
  • We also hope the Bournemouth King Pin - Jordi Robert - will make it and bind us together


Dom Carver said...

One small question; any chance of doing another one of these perhaps on a weekend so I can attend? It sounds like it's going to be fun and I'm already sorry I'm going to miss it.

By the way, I've just checked the weather on and it says Thursday is going to be mostly sunny. Rain isn't expected again until next week. Hurrah!!!!

Tim Clague said...

We'll see how it goes. And maybe hand over to another blogger / sucker for their turn.

Dom Carver said...

Excellent idea, although I fear I wouldn't be able to host as 15-20 would be rather a large number of people for a 2nd floor flat. And I'm almost certain a BBQ would be a fire hazaard in such confined quaters too.