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Friday, June 09, 2006

Circumference model

So what is this Circumference business model?

This new idea came about because of three problems:
Problem one: Piracy in the film industry. We want people to tell their friends about our film. But we don't want them to actually give a copy of the film to their friends.
Problem two: Distribution costing so much. Distribution and marketing costs make film making more expensive than just making the film. (if you see what I mean!)
Problem three: No new money. We are all chasing the same sources of film money.

The Circumference model answers these three problems.

It suggests a new way of funding and distributing a film - through sponsorship. Companies would advertise in the film. That way the film is free to give away - like ITV is free television. People can upload it, download it, copy it, give it to their friends. Heck, we WANT them to give it to their friends. I want them to as it means more people see my film. The sponsors want them to as it means more viewers. Plus, being a new initiative they get plenty of standard media / news coverage as well seeing as how this is a new technique.

This model is not a general model however. Circumference has been written specially for it - thats why it features a salesman in the title role. Just to be clear - this isn't produce placement. We are upfront about these being adverts.

Our good friends at South West Screen are looking into perhaps finding us some seed money to kick us off. We'll see how this pans out.

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