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Monday, June 05, 2006

Breaking the bad news (comedy post)

What do you do when you see a film that isn't really what you expected from someone? By that I mean worse. Here are a few opening lines that myself, Suki and Danny put together over the days at Cannes.

To set the scene. You have just seen a film. Its a stinker. Then you see the grinning film maker (writer / director / actor) coming your way. What do you do? They invited you. They are proud of the film it seems! So you bite the bullet, shake their hand and say...

1/ Wow. You've done it again!
2/ That film was so you.
3/ You know what. You made it what it was.
4/ No one else could have done it quite in that way.

or if all else fails...

5/ I'm speechless

Of course if I say any of these things to you then its just coincidence. I really like your film obviously.

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Pete Bauer said...

In theater we came up with a few similar phrases to fellow actors in bad productions...

1) You were up there! (i.e., on stage)
2) You were acting! (which you're not supposed to see)
3) Who did you hair? (non-commital).

Paul Draper said...

Why are these pleasant girls in this picture?

Are you alluding they made or were in a bad film?

Tim Clague said...

Sophia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst did have a few probs surrounding the Cannes screening of Marie-Antoinette.

Paul Draper said...

Is it me, or does Ms Coppola's dress look like it was coloured in with the photoshop fill tool there?

I need a bagel.

Tim Clague said...

It just needs tuning in

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