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Monday, June 05, 2006

10 Seconds rolls on

10 Seconds has become unstoppable. Here we see DoP Shaune Fradley collecting the runner up prize from the Big Screen event. This was to be presented by Mark Kermode in Southampton - but he was in Cannes. I reminded him of his absenteeism when I bumped into him at the UK Pavilion. But he said the same of me as I should be there to collect the certificate - so we're even now.

Anyway, another chance to catch "10 Seconds" is on Tuesday 6th June. Get on down to ShortCut Paris run by Martin Sandberg. I met Martin in Cannes. He is into his short films as well and his initiative shows that sometimes you just need to get some great films and show them. You don't always need to get drawn into the crazy market mentality.

Remember you can now watch the film on BBC Film Network now.

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