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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Too many new ideas

Too many new ideas in Cannes - so I will let them trickle down over the next few weeks. In the meantime here is some news:

The form is going well and some people I've had a meeting with may actually adopt it for next year. Not quite the result I wanted from the meetings - but a result all the same.

I saw Babel last night, the new film from the director (and more importantly in my view - the writer) of 21 grams. Another interesting structure that shows that the 'standard' way is not always the best way.

Tonight is the Straight 8 event. Its been going for a few years now and you can watch on line at any time also. It is a challenge in the same way that 365films is. You must shoot a movie in camera, no editing - and the first time you see it is live in front of the audience. This event sums up the new thinking here. This is a lot of peoples favourite thing at Cannes. That's right - their favourite thing! People want something different, simple as that!


SS said...

How was Straight 8? What stood out for you?

Tim Clague said...

What stood out most about straight8 is how fun the event was. This is in contrast to a lot of the festival and market at Cannes. So perhaps its good news for S8 and bad news for the larger industry. Film wise I liked recall 3 above the rest:
1: The story of a doctor who ate himself
2: The story of a man who swims to france to get some beer
3: The story of a english man who sets off to conquer heaven

All great stories anyway with some great 'oh my god - I've remembered they shot this in order with no editing and no second takes' moments