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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Theme of Cannes

As writers we look for themes. We look for meaning. Here is my meaning from a week at Cannes. The theme is second chances. So why the stapler? Because like the guys in Office Space I'm talking about people who just say 'I don't want to do this anymore' - and they don't. They get a new life. A second chance.

Just time to quickly tell you about two. Mathi Alagan left his job as a lawyer to shoot his film Destiny. He still has a long way to go (as he himself admits) but at least he his doing what he wants. Secondly Tony Hinkens. Both myself and Suki met this great guy. He was an industrialist who worked hard in his career. So hard in fact that he gave himself a heart attack by his forties. What he has had since he describes as a second life. A second chance to do something else. To make something that mattered, that he could be proud of. That's why he is looking to make social films with a strong message.

The lesson that these guys teach us is obvious. We must ask ourselves, "What do I want to leave behind?" It is all too easy to be side tracked and distracted. And put off that dream project. Tony and Mathi show us we must do it now! Life 2.0

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1 comment:

Dom Carver said...

I did it too. I quit my job at 29 and came to Bournemouth Uni to study scriptwriting. I'm 37 now and after 8 years hard graft it's starting to pay off.

I couldn't be happier.