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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oh dear

Now I know that this is the start of a dangerous slippery slope. But this clip is a gem. Poor old Guy Goma. He comes along to the BBC for a job interview and some how ends up being interviewed on air. Watch the clip here - at least the BBC has the good humour to put it on line.

There is no special reason for this post. I could try and stretch some point out of it but all I can think of are these two:
One: You have to move quick. This guy became a legend faster than the Star Wars Kid! He even got his own wikipedia entry.
Two: A good bit of StoryDust. The next time you see a comedy situation in a film where someone ends up on air in a cliche way, well now you have to just shrug and say, 'Ahh - it could happen!'.

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Mystic Twiglet said...

Apart from the first horrified look, his affable manner was perfectly in tune with what was required. I mean don't we all bluff it (sometimes)?
Now he's a star all the way to the DRC. Go Guy!

wodge said...

All things considered, I thought he did pretty well in the interview. The look on his face when he realises he's being filmed is priceless!