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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Niche within your own industry

Bob Dylan has launched his own radio show on XM in the US today. XM is a strange format anyway - its a satellite radio station. I don't think they have these in the UK. But that's not what I want to kick around today. What I want to kick around today is how people slot themselves into just one slot in the film industry. They limit their activities. No one does it to them, they do it to themselves.

Bob Dylan is a musician. Why is he having a music show, playing other people's music. But nobody needs to ask that. They just think it sounds an okay idea. He'll have an insight, anecdotes and experience. In fact the more you think about it the more you question the idea of a standard DJ playing music. What do they know?

Now apply that to film. How many film makers are also film critics? How many write articles? Not that many, and I think, usually the better ones. Scorceses' critical views are excellent and we know that he knows his onions. So why doesn't this happen more often? Or more personally why do you let it happen to yourself? Do you think Bob Dylan's makes an excuse that he doesn't have time.

We need to get out of the gap that we only make films. If we are into film we should be into all aspects of it - and let people know about it.


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