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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New take on digital cameras

Here is a picture from the Red site. They are seeking to jump the queue with regards to digital movie camera development by making a large leap rather than a step change. All the way up to 4k images - I guess by using digital stills CMOS sensors. The development has been ongoing for some time now but Suki noticed that some specs are now up even if real photos aren't.
Myself and cameraman Shaune Fradley had a chat about it. It seems possible, but you just get the feeling that the big boys (most likely JVC as they don't have a native HD format) will undercut at the last moment.

Think of all the Apple features that move across to Windows.

1 comment:

The Uncle said...

Movietube, Red, SuperHD all have one thing in common - they are video cameras trying to mimic film.

We all love the look of film, Kodak and Fuji know this and in turn have made stock both more affordable and also more forgiving in what it can achieve.

Here's 2 ideas for you; The cost of Red or equivallent could fund the shoot costs of a decent short or even an ultra-low budget feature shot on 16mm. For the love of cinematography LET'S SHOOT ON FILM!

Idea number 2. Digital video camera manufacturers should forget about trying to mimic film and aim higher. Who wants to copy someone elses idea? Film is not the be all and end all, there are discoveries beyond the look and feel of film to be found. I don't know what the heck these things are but surely somebody should be looking for them.

Film is over 100 years old, what's next?

(Shaune Fradley is available for 16mm, 35mm, DV, U-Matic, 1/2" and pin-hole camera format acquisition)