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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The new form

Here is the meeting form I mentioned a few days ago. You can download it here as a pdf.

The top box has the standard info of when and where etc.

The second box has info from the Cannes website and other research you've done - what are their recent films etc. This box reminds you to do your prep and not look a clueless tit.

The third box is the agenda - using the idea that they might also want to raise some points in addition to what you want to talk about.

The fourth box is what you agree to do and by when. For instance to send a hard copy of the script by July to Mr X the agent. Easy to forget and then you've wasted the opportunity at the last hurdle.

The fifth box is the most important. What is stopping any project from happening. Don't they like the genre? Don't they deal with people without an agent? Whatever it is - write it here. That way you know when to go back and say, "You know you liked the idea but... Well now..."

The sixth box is a sly one. It reminds you to ask the question, "Do you know of anybody else who I should talk to about this?". That's how you increase your list of contacts.

The final box is about reminding me to give people stuff. Sometimes I forget.


Danny Stack said...


Paul Draper said...

Marvellous, what a good tool to release the mind from being shackled to the mundane irons of agenda structure.

I feel the tie-dye style border can also only help.

Tim Clague said...


If everything else goes wrong you always got the colours baby. You always got the colours.