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Sunday, May 21, 2006

New distribution methods

I'm very pleased to see that new distribution models are a hot topic around here. I've been talking to Michael Gubbins (editor of Screen International)about this for a while and he has held a seminar on it here in Cannes. But by in large most of the big boys are putting their heads in the sand. They know there is a problem (falling box office etc) but they refuse to find an answer. Mainly because an answer will have a large impact on their workforce and the way they work.

One company I did meet who seemed to be in with the new way was Blue Star Movies. Yes - they are a distribution company. But they are open to all new ideas. As a small scale, yet mid impact, company they are ideally placed to weather the changes. We had a good chat about 365films and I'm sure I'll be keeping in touch in the future.

Special update: As I write this now Suki is talking to Rick Porras. How did he get this contact? I had a meeting with Rick who outlined the sort of project he was looking for. I knew Suki had a project like this - but I only knowthat after our recent get together I posted about. Working together will always be more powerful than fighting against each other!

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