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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The more I practise, the luckier I get

As Danny mentioned recently we've got together to talk about Cannes. A lot of activity is around sending out emails. But one of the things that we really wanted to do was get together and practise our pitches, something we must do more of. When I say pitch of course this includes the often forgetten self-pitch. The self-pitch is the answer to the question...

Tell me about yourself

This is about 75% likely to come up in every meeting. But so few people have a prepared answer. It doesn't take long to do - just be clear on your key achievements, your USP and your goals. Wrap it all up in a bundle of about a minute tops. Tease the poor pitchee to want to know more. The self-pitch is ideally just an index for them to select what they want to talk further about.

And then, remember the title of this post, you need to practise it. There is a big difference between thinking you know it and having it on a scrap of paper and saying it out loud. But lets take a tip from our actor friends. When they learn lines they rehearse. They don't just read the script and then start performing. How could they? That would be stupid! Wouldn't it???

Still from Fade In.
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Dom Carver said...

Very good point. It's no good polishing your script if you're not going to polish yourself.

Tim Clague said...

However most writers still fail to see this as their responsibility. But its key if they are going to pick up the best opportunities. Your opportunities might not be the same as mine - thats why you need to think it through. And practise of course.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Eep! The thought of pitching fills me with dread, and that's just having to explain my script. Having to "pitch" myself is a terrifying thought. Your advice is useful though Tim - will certainly bear it in mind.

Tim Clague said...

Its only scary if you bury your head in the sand. Think it through - work on it - and it will be fine. NO ONE is naturally good at it. The ones to whom it seems 'easy' are the ones who have worked on it.

Paul Draper said...

And if you don't believe in it, it'll show.

Love what you create first and foremost - it'll be easier for others to love it too.

Tim Clague said...

And you'll get caught out. A few questions later and you'll be drowning in your own foolishness

Paul Draper said...

Much more preferable to drown in celebratory beer and smoke from a good pipe.

potdoll said...

"Tell me about yourself"

Bloody hell I'll look out for this one. I don't mind talking about my projects but to talk about myself - eek.

Off to prepare and practice THAT ONE.

Cheers Tim