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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Making notes in a new way

Another question to make you think about your meetings (for Cannes or otherwise).

How do you make notes? In fact, do you make notes?

You have a good meeting and get on well with someone. Maybe they even have some good ideas or want to talk further. Great! But then what happens next? What was decided?

The normal thing is to jot down some half baked and half remembered things on the back of a business card. But is this enough? Of course not. Get some good note paper and make some proper notes after the meeting, or during. It doesn't look amateur, rather it looks professional.

Get some notes on the person you are meeting BEFORE you go. Things to talk about, what you know and what you assume they may want to discuss. Its not a strict agenda, but rather a guide to get the most out of the valuable time you have.

Then DURING make sure you are clear on what you agree. Do they want to see the script? When do they want it. How - by email (in pdf or word or final draft) or hard copy. What address?

I'm thinking of making up a sheet with my logo on it with these sort of headlines. Like a very simple form. That way I'll never forget again the person they thought was just right for the project that I should get in touch with.


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