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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm back

Okay then. I'm back. But a holiday isn't a holiday unless you see some films. Soon I must jump back into the main drive of the blog this month: how to prepare for Cannes, the latest news on Circumference and whats next for the sales training for writers and directors. Before then I must mention two films that I saw on my travels. Both were actually on the plane. I can't recommend Singapore airlines enough - but I hate people who bang on about that sort of thing so I'll stop there.

The first movie I'd like to talk about is called Sad Movie and hails from South Korea. Recent experience could convince us in the West that all Asian cinema is horror. This film is just as visually experimental but, like Circumference, is an alternative love story. I liked it because it proved an assumption I had - which was that a downbeat ending can in fact be far more romantic than a 'happy ever after' Hollywood-style ending. Imagine "Love Actually" if it was more daring. The website is a masterpiece as well but all in Korean.

The second movie challenged my thoughts on the film industry. Its called Free and Easy 16. And yes, its true, it is the 16th in a series of comedies. What was unusual was to have such a likeable central character. This seems a strange thing to say. Surely its a common aim to have a likeable central character? Well, yes, but don't we also try to give them a dark side, an edge, a past? Not in this film - pure nonsense from start to finish. Like a Marx Brothers film.

I always try to check out films from other cultures if I can. Its a great place for story dust and you can amaze producers and funders alike with your obscure knowledge of Free and Easy 16!

Everyone else was watching Narnia on the plane - you can see that anytime.

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Danny Stack said...

Hey, welcome back!