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Monday, March 13, 2006

Time Bandits

One of the phrases that really caught the imagination of the audience at the BAFTA event was when I said that we sell our time too cheaply.
As film makers we find it all too easy to let time slip away. Here are my top three reasons:

  • I need to get a proper amount of time - we can't start that script as we need a full day to get into it
  • I get distracted - I should be writing the treatment but I'll look up some pictures on Google first for inspiration
  • I'm helping out my friend by doing a script read for him instead

I do these things myself if I'm not careful. The answer is to be more rigorous with our time. We can ALL these things. We don't need to give anything up. But it must be done in a structured way. If you are doing a treatment DO the treatment. If you are looking for Google images - do that. If you try to do both, guess what, you'll do neither properly. If we have an hour, use the hour. Get into it. Danny Stack wrote a feature in four days! I heard from some writers who are also mothers of young children that they get as much done during playgroup time as they used to do in a whole day. Why? Because they have to. They can't waste time.

As in writing, structure is key. That way the Time Bandits won't strike and steal away our lives!

Extra bit: The link below shows you how to make your own time bandits map if that's of any interest to you! (only after you've done your writing obviously)

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