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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Things to REALLY do

At the BAFTA talk the other day this seemed to be something that really caught everyone's eye. Its a job list essentially. But not a list of tasks. Its about the balance of work that you need to do. So if you are a writer you may need to spend 50% of your time writing and 50% of your time promoting your work.

This is my list of jobs. The list of jobs that I need to keep in balance. If I don't I may be successful in the short term, but not in the long term.

In the workshop itself we brainstormed some ideas. This in fact added some things that aren't on here. Things like Technical skills and Artistic challenges. Everybody's list is different. But the rationale remains the same - listing out what you need to do. To repeat - what you NEED to do. Not what you LIKE to do. It is all too easy as writers (for instance) for us to spend 100% of our time writing, because we love it. And then we finish the script - who do we send it to, what's next, what does the market want. We don't know because we didn't work at our list of jobs properly.

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