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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Get it out there

Good news from Luke Morris at Cinema 16 that he is following up the Cinema16 and European16 with (guess what) American 16.

These DVDs are still one of the best ways to see great short films in a great quality. Of course I would say that as Eight is on there. Each DVD shows some great films from the UK, Europe and now America. The best shorts from the best directors.

I met Luke for the first time at the BAFTA event when he was part of a panel discussion on the distribution of short films. This panel discussion was a little bit downbeat for me. Only Luke really had a passion. Some of the others were depressed about the state of shorts distribution - you can only get about 25p per film through most channels per download, not much out of TV and the BBC Film Network gives it away for free anyway!

But in my session earlier we had discussed, as a group, that we weren't into shorts for the money. We want people to see them! Then it makes sense why Cinema16 has been a hit. Its a hit because Luke used it as vehicle to get his own film out there. And you can feel that passion.

So when we think of distributing our film we must ask ourselves what we are doing to distribute our film in an exciting way. Not rely on others all the time.

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