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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Take advantage of a lower price registration for the Cannes festival / market before March 3rd (tomorrow!). As you know, I've been promoting the importance of Sales for writers and film makers. Cannes is about that. As such I'll be using my own preparation for Cannes as a structure to talk about gaining meetings and making contacts.

Clearly, looking like a stupid English guy is not really part of it.

I'm not on my own though as support is crucial. I'm going with my old friend Suki Singh who is promoting his feature in development - Invisible Day. Also in attendance are the guys behind the completed low budget, high energy Small Town Folk - check it out on IMDB. Last, but no means least, is the writing blog top dog Danny Stack.

So that's the Bournemouth cohort.

Let me know if you'll be going and we'll see you there.

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