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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Window of Opportunity

Talking to the guys from Hallmark the other day we both highlighted the importance of letting people know what you do. The gravity model is part of that. And that is about letting MORE people know what you do. But what about your existing contacts? Do they fully know your skills?

The Hallmark example was this. They provide conference facilities for a company. They have done it for 10 years. A good client therefore and a regular one. This year when they turned up the company had a new video. Now Hallmark do videos, have done for years. Why hadn't they been asked. That question sat in the room the other day like a bad smell. But the answer was clear. No one had ever told them - or sent them a showreel - or shown them some cool new ideas.

Not to pick on the Hallmark guys specifically of course - we all do this. One answer is a 'window of opportunity'. A shockingly cheesy american name for a spread sheet. Across the top - all your clients / customers / contacts etc. Down the side - all your services (for Hallmark it would be videos/conference etc).

Tick where you have done work. For most people this is a appalling result. Most of the window is empty - no ticks. So get in touch. Its not difficult. Its not cold calling. Its just speaking to people, people you already know and saying "Do you know we do this, can I tell you more"

Try it!

Still from "Tattooed Man" created for Britannia Building Society.

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