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Monday, February 20, 2006

Puttnam at the BAFTAs

Great news to see Lord Puttnam recieve the Fellowship Award at BAFTA this year. He reflected on the quality of this year's films and how the nominated films were important films, with a message. What he didn't touch upon was the importance that the funding was from elsewhere. As film makers lower down in the chain we have to make sure we stay on top of our game. The big films this year are using 'new ideas'. So must we.

The most moving part of the speech however was Puttnam's belief in the importance of film - that it is important, its more than just entertainment. What it can do (and what blogs etc are so bad at) is communicating an emotion and the message of a feeling. This is a crucial attribute and why film is important in the world. Facts and figures can only take us so far. Really understanding each other (which is important is so many ways) can only come through emotions. So its more vital than ever that we concentrate on making the films we want to make.

I had a conversation with Lord Puttnam a few years ago. He had just retired from the film industry and we were discussing games and other forms of new media that I knew he was interested at looking into. Since then he has done a lot of work for NESTA and in other industries. In this new age of film making, with new distribution ideas, I wonder if we can tempt him back.

Extra bit: Also last night on TV was Rock School where Gene Simmons said that teaching was more rewarding than being a rock star. Maybe the best way to move forward is to move sideways. That way you move ideas around.

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