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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pence into Pounds

Remember Million Dollar Home Page where the laddie from America sold a pixel on his page for a dollar?

These guys are doing the same, for film. Its called Fund-a-Frame. Speaks for itself.

Still from 10 Seconds.
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The Uncle said...

Great idea, poor execution. The reason Million Dollar Pixel worked so well was the concept was simple; buy a pixel for a dollar, you want more it's not hard to work it out.

These guys are charging £3.88 for a frame...??? For a start they're trying to make a short (this time, at least), if I put money into a film I'd do it in the hope that I'd see it on the big screen in my local fleapit.

Secondly they're shooting on HDV, heck that's not even a physical frame! If I buy a frame I wanna get my frame(s) sent to me in the post, yes it could be any old frame but the fact is it's a keepsake.

And C(!), £95K for a 16 minutes and 20 second short on HDV, filmed in some bunker in the highlands?! They must only be filming it in the "magic hour", how else could they blow that kind of cash...wait a minute it's a bunker, it's dark, there's no natural daylight...hmm that blows that theory.

In all honesty for that kind of money I could maje the same short on 35mm and pay all the crew the going rate.

I say let's do it properly. A full-length feature, on 35mm with frames costing a pound each. The only difference is buyers pay for a frame of the stock needed to shoot a feature; i.e. a 10:1 shooting ratio would equal 1,350000 frames (I think!), hence the total budget needed is £1,350000.

Sorry for the rant, I really should try to keep that just to my own blog!

Tim Clague said...

Good shout from the Uncle. Shame that you only get one go at this. So maybe its too late to save this idea for another time.