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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Oscar! Oscar! (nominations)

The Oscar nominations are in. It has been a long held belief at this blog that the Hollywood studio way of making films is damaging the industry. Repetitive sequels and no-guts genre films have kicked the life out of the life and they have had enough - ticket sales are down. It was my belief that the answer would come from elsewhere, from games, blogs etc. In part it has. But I didn't predict that it may come from smaller, well made films. And it has - check out the list below.

Only Munich is a 'Hollywood Studio' film. The other four are independent. And in a way the answer has come from elsewhere. Participant Pictures (who are behind Syriana, Good Luck and North Country) is owned by a guy who started up eBay. The guts and daring ARE coming from outside. Who cares? Lets just enjoy some great films.

Last note: Its not in the list but I can say again that you must check out New World.

Here are the Oscar nominations:

“Brokeback Mountain” (Focus Features)
A River Road Entertainment Production
Diana Ossana and James Schamus, Producers

“Capote” (UA/Sony Pictures Classics)
An A-Line Pictures/Cooper’s Town/ Infinity Media Production
Caroline Baron, William Vince and Michael Ohoven, Producers

“Crash” (Lions Gate)
A Bob Yari/DEJ/Blackfriar’s Bridge/ Harris Company/ApolloProscreen GmbH & Co./Bull’s Eye Entertainment Production
Paul Haggis and Cathy Schulman, Producers

“Good Night, and Good Luck.” (Warner Independent Pictures)
A Good Night Good Luck LLC Production
Grant Heslov, Producer

“Munich” (Universal and DreamWorks)
A Universal Pictures/DreamWorks Pictures Production
Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg and Barry Mendel, Producers

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The image shows how Google image search has let me down again. I take that back. In fact it picked the best picture, but probably by accident, but only probably.

1 comment:

The Uncle said...

Hey, Google Image Search never gets it wrong. The rule of thumb for using the first hit that Google finds is the way forwards, it's never failed to be appropriate for the Lanslunch blog.

Talking of independants, how long before Google finances it's first film? Maybe next years Oscars will feature an entry from Google Films.