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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Now we know exactly how long...

Ben Baker from Planet 01 got in touch. He wanted to include some productions from Projector Films in his new video blog / iTunes vodcast.

Sure, I'm always interested in new ideas of getting films out there. Plus we did the same idea of a vodcast/blog when we launched the experiment that was Quartz Shorts. But something that Ben does on Planet 01 is to put where the films were shot in as a bookmark for Google Earth so you can 'visit the set' as it were. Makes sense. The whole Web 2.0 idea is around creating platforms that are 'hackable'. So for instance it's easy for me to slot in a movie in this blog entry and its easy to slot in film locations on Google Earth. The whole idea is open. Fantastic. Easy. Great.

I was holding that idea in my head when I sent Ben the Google Earth co-ordinates for Wimborne Road: Is it too long? This is a film I made a few years ago and you can watch it above. The film is a documentary road movie, it doesn't have a single location, so I sent Ben the start and end positions.

My new idea is this: Could I somehow sync my Wimborne Road quicktime up with a Google Earth 'hack' that would allow us to follow the presenter's journey 'live'. That's a big TV 2.0 hack! And a world's first as far as I know. We're going to try for it. But if anyone knows how to do this then some pointers would be a great start! The journey begins again!

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