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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New ideas for endings

James Moran talked about endings for TV shows. One suggestion:

Knight Rider, last episode, we finally see it from someone else's perspective, seeing things as they really are: Michael Knight, hopelessly insane, talking to himself, answering in "KITT's" voice, lips moving, sitting in his beat-up Volvo estate car, which has no wheels, engine, or seats, pretending to chat up the ladies, solving imaginary cases, but merely a homeless drunk, still suffering the debilitating physical deformities and mental damage from the near-fatal shooting in the pilot episode.

Why are we so afraid of shock endings or surprise twists in TV? On film, we love it. But for a TV show - its a no go! I guess this boils down to: when did TV get too safe? When will it kick off again?

Some old thinking that probably needs a rethink...

Durations: Half hour, hour - who cares - more odd ball lengths please.
Genres: Where is UK sci-fi, fantasy?
Series: Why do series have to be narrative threads. Why not a series all featuring a great cast but in a new story each week?
Frequency: Why each week? Why not every day for a week? Every other week?
Drama vs Doc. Docs are one off in a thread (eg Horizon series - but each episode different). Dramas are serials? Why is this like this? What would a documentary cliff hanger look like and how would let new viewers in?


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