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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bonus post

This is a quick post that repeats an email I've just sent to Shooting People. For those that don't know Shooting People is an online email forum for film makers. At the moment there is a discussion around distribution of shorts.

Well we all know that gaining distribution is difficult. Some of that has to do with the quality of the shorts or features obviously. But I think it also has to do with how efficient we are, as the UK industry, in the selling of our films. Not just filling out withoutabox and waiting. But getting out and knocking on doors. If we aren't proud of our films and want to sell them, who will.

For those that say that they shouldn't need to bother with all this I'll drop in this anecdote. On a documentary I saw Baz Luhrmann sitting all the way through Moulin Rouge, HIMSELF, AGAIN before a press screening. He wanted to be sure it looked right and sounded right himself. He didn't mind doing the grunt work as he was proud of his film.

I'm trying to convince Skillset / Film Council etc to help me create an on-line course for film makers designed to help with selling and pitching. It won't be focussed on 'quick win' bits of fluff advice. It'll be about doing the structured dedicated work. But I think we need it in this country. I'm sure, like Baz, we are proud of our work. We just need the tools to get those scripts out of the bottom drawer, get those films of the shelves and be better at getting the right people to see it.

More on this at my blog entry

Let me know your thoughts. If Shooters agree I can build up a case. If not then its early enough days to steer this proposal in a new direction.

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