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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Agents Part 2 - how to approach

More tips from the recent conference.
If you do want to get an agent (a film or literary agent, not Agent Smith as above) here is some advice that the panel passed on about getting in touch with them.

  • Do some work. It seems obvious but have some great work under your belt. Can you do what you say you can. Prove it!
  • Write a letter. Write a letter first outlining your work, your approach, your goals and how the agent can help you and how you will help them.
  • Highlight successes. Make it easy for them to say yes. Highlight artistic or commercial successes eg. awards or commissioned work. Make it look like you are a person on the way up.
  • Use contacts. A recommended contact counts for a lot. It puts you on the top of the pile. Can you get someone you know to recommend you to an agent - this will be your best chance
  • Name drop. If you don't get a personal 'in' then name drop in your letter. Show you are part of the industry.
  • One at a time. It's a small world that agents live in. So send out your prospective letter to one agent at a time.
  • Have your work ready. If you're letter works then have your spec material ready to go out. In the best condition, best draft, best layout etc.
  • Patience. Agents represent their clients. Looking for new clients is therefore low priority. So expect a slow progress. This is an activity to do in the background. Writing is more important anyway!

That's it. I will probably do a new post on writing a great letter or email at a later date. I am doing this process myself at the moment so I will let you know how it progresses.

1 comment:

Mark Grant said...

Saw your post on Shooting People today: I was wondering recently whether you were still around... good to see one person from the uklbmovie list is still making movies.

Might even get 'Alien Invasion' made one day: I'm onto the sixth draft of the feature-length script, but it needs more rewrites and I keep getting distracted by the other scripts I've been writing... one day I'll have enough of them in a decent state to make looking for an agent worthwhile :).