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Friday, January 13, 2006


As you know I also do a lot of work creating materials for financial companies on how they improve sales. I sometimes use these techniques when I am pitching. I'm pleased to see that money is invested in helping writers create scripts, treatments and other pre-production material. But is this wasted if it isn't followed up by helping writers and directors in promoting their work. By giving them the skills to confidently articulate their ideas and how they see it working. I've written a short proposal on this, with the help of Shaune, while we were in Ireland and I'll get it out to SkillSet / Film Council as soon as I can. Here's an extract.

Let’s not have another Cannes where the UK talent sits in the UK Pavilion moaning to each other and hoping that someone will just happen to want to hear about their ‘quirky little script’ that they ‘cobbled together’ on some days when they weren’t doing their ‘proper real job’. Your great script is useless if you can’t communicate why it is great. And how many writers do you know that would feel okay to end a meeting with ‘When shall I call you for an answer?’ or ‘Do you have any scripts that you need help rewriting?’ or ‘I’m really keen to tell you about some of the other skills I have’.

Obviously let you know how we get on. And no doubt some tips will make their way onto here.

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