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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year recap

Let's look back over the year!

  • The re-write of the 1946 script which was a new challenge - how do you keep the charm whilst you update it.
  • Hope - the animation got great feedback at the Landcrab screening and we just need to finish that off.
  • 10 Seconds - after a year of worldwide screenings this film will now start to be laid to rest and put on-line
  • Circumference - this new script is on top of my to-do pile after it was well recieved at most pitches at Cannes.
  • The 365 films idea - we launched Quartz Shorts as a low key pilot to test the technology and methodology. We are on top of that now.

  • New distribution - since I started this blog new distribution ideas have gone from nowhere to be the big thing next year. So my challenge is to think ahead again. As ever I've got something up my sleeve so you've got that to look forward to.
  • Gravity - at Marton House I've been working a new model to help salesmen. Its called the gravity model. The idea is based on Einstein's view of space time where large objects warp the space around them. So to have more impact around you you need to increase your mass - make yourself more visible. More on this idea to come.
  • Story Structure - my belief in planning first has increased. But my rigidity to sticking exactly to the plan has decreased. What does that mean?

    For next year
  • Just one important change. My own time discipline. Blogs, festivals, writing, TV 2.0 ideas, getting work - these all take time and I need to be better at slicing them into work slivers and eating them (too much christmas turkey invaded that analogy I think!).

See you around.

Still from Wimborne Road - not from last year but it never got a mention.

1 comment:

Paul Draper said...

Regarding Gravity -

Isn't increasing the visibilty and importance of a topic/product in order to make an impact also called Hype?