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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New channels

This post is about new channels. Not new channels on the television. But new channels for films and for audiences to see films. The local Future Shorts event went well again. A low turn out for them (about 120) but this would still be a good 'mainstream' cinema turn out for a Monday night.

This is a new channel for film makers and the audience. And one that has at its heart the idea of bringing them closer together. This idea is something I talked about a long time ago. I'm glad to see it happening.

If we only rely on cinemas and television for films then we have an 'hour glass' situation. There is a bottle neck due to economics. Its not due to audience and not to number of screens. But due to the economics of running those screens. The result is that the particles (the films) can't get through quick enough.

What is the opposite way? This is best summed up by the Sony Bravia advert. Here the particles are free. They are colourful and they are coming your way any way they can. Watch out!

Foot note: Glad to see a 'No CGI' policy on the Bravia advert. Watch it in full here

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