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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Remember that? I love the film 'Matinee' for the loving portrayal of the film distributors of the 1950s. Its a fictional film but based on anecdotes from the time. Okay, so some of the techniques were a bit iffy. The Tingler was shown in cinemas kitted out with a special system to give low level electric shocks to the audience.

So a bit of a laugh. But why am I on about it? This year will be the year of the new distribution models. So if you can watch a film at the cinema or cozy at home on a DVD on the same day what will you do? What will the cinema be offering new? In marketing terms what is their USP?

In whatever form it will be based on showmanship. Making a film an event. A room showing a film on a big screen is no longer enough.

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Sydney, Australia said...

I think its true, this year distribution of films will change. Especially since handheld video players have hit the scene big time, I no longer even want dvds anymore... too complicated! Its sounds pathetic, but I think people will want to download all films pretty soon and just watch them on their laptops. There is an intimacy that is akin to reading a book there. Its just you and the film.
Sam James (Australia)

Tim Clague said...

I agree Sam!