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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Irish Life

The Irish Life project was a success! Its great to see people enjoying the film making process and making it a part of their life, whatever their career. The democratisation of the medium must be a good thing surely. I saw here a reflection of the Landcrab style and a microcosm of what the industry could be like. People going out, making the films they want to make and then showing them. But with that extra stage. That extra stage that I always talk about on here. The extra stage of talking about the films and discussing them. The film is only the start of the process. The audience are the only ones who can finish it! For those that say that this is a pipedream I can only say that you have to want to make it happen. Irish Life, and who is more business minded than them, believed that it was worth taking 30 of their top guys off the road for this event. That this time spend is valuable time. We could have done the films seperatly and then compiled them on a DVD. But they understand that audience / film maker discussion is vital.

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