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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Not just the flicks

Oh dear. The disease spreads. Now 'the new hollywood' of the computer games industry sees a slump. I feel that in myself. I used to play a lot of games and buy a lot of games. But like most of TV I've now given it up. Why? There's nought new. Get some new ideas, get some crazy ideas, inject them with life and push them out.

All the things I've been talking about with regard to cinema are now showing up in games - sequels, over marketing, safe decisions. The result - the same down turn.

The answer. Get some proper writers in. A few years ago I did a little bit of writing for an EA game. But this is rare. Surely its time to get some new thinking in there. And while we are at it maybe this should work the other way around. Get some game people working in pre-production. Who knows what will happen? I don't. But I know what won't happen. More of the same old shit!

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