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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Its the Film Festival this Saturday. A quick note to all you detail junkies that the photo is from last year so that's why it says the 4th on it. This year it will be on the 3rd! A top event and as we talk about how as film makers we can get more in touch with the audience then this is the best way! Sit in a room full of them and listen. Then you know you should have cut your film shorter.

And what an audience. Last year we had over 200 people. This year we are on course to beat that again. We get no funding and ask for no sponsorship. Why? Because we don't need it. We just put on such a great night that people WANT TO COME. I know - its radical!

So all you fans of crazy off-the-wall shorts come down, enjoy the films, have a good time (bar open all night) and still be safe in the knowledge you are supporting your fellow film makers.

Venue : The Mowlem Theatre, Swanage  (
Time : 7.00pm till 12.00am (with the bar staying open for another hour or so)
Cost : As usual a small charge to cover costs, estimated at £4 per person.
Dress Code : Your glad rags (crack out the black ties you scruffy film makers!)
Getting there: If you are in Bournemouth or Poole we have a special bus to get you there. Enquiries to…

See you there.

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Paul Draper said...

Ah, Landcrab.

Like a favourite aunt's birthday.