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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Houston event

Directing '10 Seconds'

To redress the balance with all the recent UK events I've been publicising - here is an American event.

Microcinema is presenting their screening program at Diverseworks. This program was curated this summer, includes "10 Seconds", and has yet to be screened before Houston audiences.

12 short films and videos from the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom presenting a diverse and eclectic range of typical summertime themes...such as sex, coffee, the beauty of electric can openers, Davidic Psalms, hot dogs, and french fries, urban legends, and the search for the 100% perfect girl.

Screening: 12/10/05 8:00pm, 5$ admission
info ph. 713-412-5120
1117 east freeway, I-10 at north main

Click here for full details on the program

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