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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I was talking to my good friend and slick director Suki the other day. We were talking about forthcoming productions and our plans for the new year. Part of this was a quick outline of a new feature script he is working on - Analogue. An interesting story, which obviously I can't go into here, and the central protagonist is a cop.

I know it seems obvious, and it is when it isn't your script, but always rethink your genders. This was a piece of advice I read a long time ago (can't remember where) and I also try to apply it from now on. Why does it have to be a male cop. It doesn't matter to his story, but it will make a difference to the film.


jordi said...

That's exactly what I said to a friend of mine, rethink your gender! he is never been the same since he began dressing up with pink dresses and high hills.
Why does it have to be a male or female cop? why not a transsexual cop?
Tim, do not try to apply it, i do not imagine you on a pink dress!!

Feliz thingy and feliz all that.

ps,Thanks Tim, this blog is great, I will try to get the movie "Me and you and everyone we know"
I could not sign in:-(

Tim Clague said...

Jordi - you should come to the Landcrab and you would have seen a film with me in a dress!

Rich S said...

Maybe now is the time for Ady to finally make his film 'Bi and Large' the story of two lesbian crimefighters?