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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Exeter Talk

I'm very excited to be heading down to Exeter University in the New Year to talk to the students down there. I want to see if I notice the problems that Joe Tunmer has been experiencing. Or will I find a thriving and interesting group of students. We shall see.

There is a couple of interesting things about Film Studies at Exeter.

The first is the excellent Bill Douglas centre which has an archive of film knick-knacks. That description completely downplays its scope and importance however. If we see film as a cultural window then the memorabilia around it can tell us a lot. Don't worry if you can't go - you can access it on-line.

The second interesting thing is that Film Studies course is part of the Languages department. Now presumably this has something to do with 'fitting it in' somewhere. But surely it also demonstrates that the language of film can take as long to understand and pick up as any other language. But to me it also reinforces my opinion that film should be more two way. If film is a language then we shouldn't be delivering monologues. We should be having conversations.

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