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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


At the recent "Les Blogs 2.0" Ben Hammersley laid out the following in his speech...

8 Ideas That Will Revolutionize the 21st Century (and blogging isn't one of them).

1. Information wants to be free (vs. copyright).
2. Zero distance (vs. borders).
3. Mass amateurisation (vs.censorship).
4. More is much more. (vs. network blocking).
5. True names (vs. idendity cards & databases ).
6. Viral behaviour (vs. more network blocking).
7. Everything is personal (vs. everything is trackable).
8. Ubiquitous computing (no privacy).

As you know, at this blog, we always try to see how this will effect TV2.0 or how ideas effect audience / filmmaker interaction.

What would a copyright free TV situation look like? As advertising drops off and piracy becomes more commonplace is there a future in finding new revenue sources. A great, free, easy to swap movie would spread like crazy! If you didn't have to always worry about people copying your show or affording the DVD but instead you just went with the flow imagine what would happen. But how does it get made? Who stumps up? Will we have ads in our vodcasts?


Paul said...

Your latter questions are looking at the framework from a capitalist viewpoint.

If all of the above were to happen I think it would be reasonable to expect an economic paradigm shift to a more social model.

Currently I think the capital-orientated principles of commodity and ownership would prevent many of the above from becoming a reality.

Hopefully the world will someday tire of winners and losers.

Rich S said...


Paul said...

# keep the red flag flying high #