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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Writing and your normal work

Check out this advice from Tim Grahl. Its not specifically about writing but it struck a chord with me.

Hope and Fear

You ever notice the unending hope that worker bees have?

“Things are gonna get better.”

“This year I’ll get the raise I deserve.”

“I think my boss will change, just give him time…”

“This time things are gonna be different.”

“I’ll get this promotion and then I’ll actually enjoy my job.”

Is it fear or just stupidity?

It’s not gonna change.

It’s not gonna get better.

And more money isn’t gonna solve that problem.

The problem’s in your gut.

You know this isn’t the life you should be living.

There’s a better way.


Rich S said...

Sound like the confused rants of a cliche regurgitating manic depressive stuck behind a desk at Chase...

Tim Clague said...

Possibly true. I think it sounds like a lot of us!

Rich S said...

Possibly also true.

I don't know if you listened to 'Nice Work' on Radio 4 this week but it was quite pertinent to this subject..

Here is the blurb

While technology has transformed many workplaces this episode of NIce Work concentrates on the changes being demanded by workers themselves.

Increasingly they want their jobs to offer inspiration and challenges, they want to feel that what they do every day makes a difference to the organisation which pays them and they want more control and freedom at work.

Philippa and her guests discuss how this can be achieved in the 21st century workplace.

You can listen to it here:

Paul Draper said...

Chase is a brilliant place to work. I love it as much as I love my own spleen, and boy do I need that little fella.

They're getting rid of the gym to make way for office space. Swines, I hate the place.

Although boy do I love that place. It's great there and we all smile a lot. Like this.

Gott und himmel, welchen Abfall ist dieses ich zu sprechen?

Tim Clague said...

Google says this means:

God and sky, which waste is this I to speak?

Paul Draper said...


Rich S said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rich S said...

I always imagine CHASE to be like the GATTACA Space Agency in the film GATTACA.. (sorry to bring the subject back round to films..)

Paul Draper said...

Not the space agency GATTACA in a different film?

Rich S said...

Nope, pretty sure it's that one.