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Monday, November 14, 2005

What is all this crazy blog - TV 2.0 talk?

Yeah - what is it all about? Isn't it a bit late 90's to do the whole dot number thing anyway?

Check out this article from Dave Wilson and DavidCoe about what they call 4G. The web is entering its fourth strategy. You what? Read it!

Still from Consecration.


Paul Draper said...

There's a salesy article - quote:

"If your IT department is really nothing more than a glorified telephone repair centre for your business just tell them - 'Get F***ed IT!'

Everything is too salesy these days. Push push push, it's all about getting you to do things, changing your behaviour, making you want something you never knew you needed.

It's all rather depressing, where's the humanity.

I know the above is a question, but it didn't look right with a question mark.

Tim Clague said...

I agree that the article goes a little too far - just to be provocative I guess. But a better story is - if your hoover breaks wouldn't you prefer to talk to the engineer rather than the receptionist. Should the engineer be cut off from the customer? Is not about sales - more about service.

Paul Draper said...

Yes that's true - there are too many people in the world earning money just by joining two parties who want to get together - brokers, estate agents, pimps etc

davidcoe... said...

OK - I was being a bit provocative - but the rant is based on an awful lot of conversations with communications and marketing people who feel it's their own IT department who've stopped them from innovating...

I had such a bad experience with a corporate IT department messing me about once that I started smoking again - after seven year's off!