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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Warner Bros - they don't get it!

Short and sweet this one!

Cinema Tech have posted a blog entry on how Warner Brothers don't get the low marketing idea. They want to make fewer films and market them more! And they don't like new distribution. No Quartz Shorts and TV 2.0 t-shirt for them!


Rich S said...

Yep, thats what happens when you leave a Rabbit and a Duck in charge..

They are scared of changing and believe that throwing money at it will make it better. Too soon they will find that the rabbit will go into the press room for the last time and announce:

Thats all folks...

Tim Clague said...

Disney do okay. In a strange turn of events they are now the crazy free-thinking and progressive studio - what is going on?

And they're run by a mouse!

Paul Draper said...

I think a diet of Wensleydale helped.

Rich S said...

You're thinking of Ardman Animations Dre, Disney is definately more of a Gorgonzola based institution.