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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Quartz Shorts update

Quartz Shorts is going well. Its hard to know how to measure such things - as their is no direct competition. But we are now well past 1000 visitors and have had over 4 gigabytes of downloads. But how do we get more of a two way conversation going?


Paul Draper said...

A good mutual friend of ours emailed me, asking for an explanation as he didn't quite "get it" - perhaps clarify what it's all about for those less media-orientated?

Paul Draper said...

PS my blog is now up at

It's ostensibly for my latest film project but you know how it is, you wake up wanting to talk about frame rates, then you sit down and talk about toast and jam vs crumpets and honey.

Currently preferring toast and jam by the way.

Tim Clague said...

What is it about?

Its about films, videos, pictures, quotes - all on the great topic of love. Everyday a new angle. You read you, you watch it, you think about it, you comment about it. The next day - a new angle appears - based on the comments. Its an ongoing discussion. But unlike a blog which is just words, its all media.

Why is this new? This is new because of the new iPod / iTunes release which can automate the download of the video for you and you can watch it on the move! But that's an optional extra.

What is the best way to understand it. The best way to understand it is to get involved. Visit the site every couple of days or so and have you say. What is love? Its not like its a small question now is it?

Paul Draper said...

I reckon you could make a Mail on Sunday cartoon strip out of that question.

Tim Clague said...

You could...

But like all of the Mail on Sunday you probably wouldn't actually be answering the question

Paul Draper said...

They did answer it once, they said it was watching TV or something, apparently whilst naked.

I didn't believe them.