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Friday, November 04, 2005

The new cool

Remember when TV shows were cool. Okay, and a little camp. But generally cool. It didn't matter that it took someone 5 minutes of screen time to get in their car, drive round the corner and go up in a lift. Because it looks cool. We want to see it. Surely you'd cut that scene because nothing is happening? Wrong! Something is happening and that thing is coolness.

Nowadays we'd cut it. Is that a shame? No. We'd be right to cut it today. We'd be right to leave it on the cutting room floor cos it ain't cool. Nothing happening - no cool.

Bring back the cool.

So - here is my 'cool' proposal. Its an action TV series

Now I know that I've been spending ages going on about TV 2.0 being great and TV 1.0 being dead. (see here.) I say that this is okay in this case as it is a retro project and most suited to the old school TV 1.0 mentality.

So its an action TV series featuring a guy who each week gets into scrapes and tries to keep order and peace and solve a few issues. He's a gangsta rapper type of a guy and spends a lot of time each week driving around looking cool in his pimped up ride.

Okay - so its ill thought out and a bit off the top of my head. But shit man - it could be cool couldn't it. And don't we need that badly on TV right now?

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