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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Head down

Apologies for the infrequent blogging. I've got my head down in the 1940's script rewrite. Although, as I've said - its not so much of a rewrite as a complete reworking. Some great new scenes but I have managed to use quite a few lines and ideas from the original. As its a period piece anyway, this works.

As I graft on it I'm left to ponder mostly on the genre. Its a family film. This is often a forgetten genre. Herbie Rides Again did very well at the box office I think even films like the Pacifier do good business. But none of these films are ever considered 'interesting' or 'worthy'. The only exception I can think of is the animations like The Incredibles. So is there such a thing as a great modern family film?

We can all name classic family films - the Disney live actions, or back to Its A Wonderful Life. My angle is to use the period to create a feeling of those older films, even a touch of the Marx Brothers.

A period family film - can it work???

Its nearly time to hand it in so I best get back to it.

Still from Clint Wise Writes Back


Rich S said...

When does a re-write become a re-work without becoming a new idea?

I saw the incredibles with my mum & dad at the cinema last christmas. It was the closest to a family film that i can remember since ET or Return of the Jedi. I guess that Return of the Jedi might not seem like a family film but when you're a kid and you go to any film with your parents it becomes one. I guess that accessibility to all ages and an interesting story are probably the key criteria, perhaps aiming too much at a family market leads too often to a kids film and the family element gets lost all together?

Looking forward to yours, i'll take a copy home at christmas and watch it with the family.

Paul Draper said...

"Serenity" was a family film in the Stars Wars ilk.

They're mainly animations as you say, although these were excellent recent all-ages films:

Whale Rider
School of Rock
Sympathy For Mr Vengeance

Ok, perhaps not the last one.

Tim Clague said...

I think Rich S has the right definition. Family film doesn't mean kids film. They make a big deal out of Shrek having something for kids and grown ups like its a new thing. But it isn't.

How about this for a question though. When did you last see a family go to the cinema for anything other than an animation?

And Paul - keep an eye out for 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance', more child friendly mayhem. The central character is described as like a pair of pantyhose- sensual, warm, transparent yet opaque

Paul Draper said...

Can't wait for that.

Have to say the family cinema thing may well be due to the state of cinemas as much as films. Some of the chav-infested multiplexes you see are quite threatening places to go.

Still some cinemas get it right, I have here to refer back to the marvellous Harbour Lights - check out the "Mothers and Babies Under One only" matinee showing of Harry Potter.

Although at 9 months surely you just see loads of colours and noise? Maybe I'm wrong.

Still any cinema that does "An Evening With Fred Dineage" gets my thumbs up.

Rich S said...

I always switch Fred Dinage off when he's on South Today. I thought that he was much better in 'How' with Vorderman and that Neil Buchannan fella from Art Attack.

Carol Vorderman - Family entertainment or a new breed of porn star for those in academia? Is it wrong to ask that question? - I understand that she's very popular amongst those who watch countdown.

Paul Draper said...

Carol Vorderman is Destroyer of Worlds - possibly the most dangerous woman alive.

How and Meridian News are of course classic programmes, but I believe Fred Dineage's career highlight to be the ATV classic "Gambit".

Two interesting Fred Dineage facts:

(1) His surname is actually "Dinenage"

(2) He was the Kray Twins official biographer.

Now that's weird.

Tim Clague said...

Not as strange as Bob Holness being the first James Bond (on radio)

Paul Draper said...

Check out superb informational Gambit link.

Marvellous captioned photos. "24 is too many, they've gone bust."

Tim Clague said...

Watch the opening titles.
Yeah - Gambling's great!

No Michelle Lambourne though.

Paul Draper said...

My link didn't work for some reason - here it is

Paul Draper said...

Superb credit sequence - those cards must be 24fps!

Love Fred's emphasis on "The quiz show for married couples". No sinful people allowed.

And Anglia used to screen that rotating steel knight for 10 minutes at a time with trumpet music. Me and other Ipswich children would fall under its hypnotic power regularly.

Rich S said...

Incredible, I wonder what that knight is upto now. Not doing as well as dineage is it. Do you remember the last election when his daughter was a conservative candidate and he got banned from TV for the duration of the campaign for making bias comments on TV.. Scandalous.

It's amazing how much dineage trivia is about..

Paul Draper said...

He's like Queen Victoria, such a long reign there's plenty of material.