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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Draft 1

Just emailed in my first draft of the rewrite. Its too long - but full of character. Let's see what the final balance will be.

The only podcast I listen to really is Sam and Jim go to Hollywood. They defined an interesting vision of a writer - or rather a successful writer. They say if you find rewriting an exciting challenge then writing is a career for you. If you find it scary or daunting, then probably not!

Writing is less like the careful construction of a building, and more like running down a Spanish street being chased by bulls. Can you dodge them all?

Still from This Time Last Tuesday


Rich S said...

I thought that 'This Time Last Tuesday' was great. it captured you completely and if anybody ever asks me "What is Tim really like?" i'll point them to this film.

Maybe that is because you are playing you in the film, or perhaps you were trying to become a parody of yourself, but i've often thought that you are a parody of yourself quite often anyway. A bit like a car journey with Draper and saddler, It's them, but more so. They'll sit there and talk about nothing in particular for ages and laugh hysterically at it, then they'll have a pointless bet like, Paul (who is driving) will say "I bet i'm driving" and Glenn, unable to resist will say, I bet you're not (but he'll never bet much, probably a quid or something), then in spite of the evidence neither will admit defeat and they'll argue about it for days to follow..

Paul Draper said...

You clearly have the measure of us.

I'd have won that bet though.