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Monday, October 24, 2005

Word of mouth was wrong

Always at the cutting edge of new ideas to do with flogging stuff Hugh Macleod makes an interesting comment on how word of mouth was always misinterpreted.

The idea is not to get people chatting about your product. But to make your product join their conversation. And shake up the market by doing that!

His example is Starbucks who got people talking about WiFi - not about great Starbucks coffee. Remember Starbucks don't advertise. They only have conversations to spread the word!

So this approach requires big ideas. Is 365 films that sort of idea. Its bold enough for sure. I'm hoping that the growing sense of disappointment towards film and TV will help. Heres to more crap tele!

Still from 'Four Poems' by Peter Lee


Anonymous said...

If you're a fan of LOST, check out tv lost clue

Tim Clague said...

I'm not so...

Paul said...

When does 365 production start?

Tim Clague said...

Aren't you on holiday? What a blog fan!

First up is a pilot of the 365 idea - Quartz Shorts. Think of it as a mini series before the main series.

The content is done.
We are testing the compression.
Then we can launch.
Target date is the weekend!

Paul said...

Nope, went to Czech for the weekend, jolly nice too.