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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vodcast content

Tom Baker has done a great job of kicking us off with some content for the vodcast pilot series. Here is the proposition. We are adapting a previous project that never suited a linear, old school, approach. Some of you will have seen it. It was called Quartz Shorts and featured an attempt to cram every media into a TV documentary. The revolutionary part was the approach that stated we would explore subjects without drawing conclusions. The example we chose was 'Love' - not what is love, or who do you love, but the whole thing. All of love!

TV companies couldn't cope with the unstructured approach and our pitch of 'TV for the Google generation' caused unease rather than excitement. But maybe we were wrong to take new ideas to old media. I'm sure that this project will find a new, exciting life in the vodcast / blogging area. Small chunks of multi-media that is polished and well edited. All on one subject. The full 365films proposition gives more variety. A series of unconnected films. So which is better? A set topic or random craziness? That's part of the experiment I guess!

So that's what we have. Content coming on line now, ready for the love launch.

Tomorrow we meet up with Apple / Quicktime / Digital / Streaming / Hosting guru Richard Pride to sort out the technical stuff. Nearly there. Paul D - jump in also if you have any advice.

See you at the love in!

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