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Friday, October 21, 2005

TV no more!

More evidence for the end of the world - if you are in old school media. Heineken have announced no more TV ads for them! See the BBC news item.Why? Because it doesn't work anymore. Some go as far as to say that marketing is dead altogether. Maybe this is an exaggeration for shock purposes but I'm sure that traditional marketing is not as effective as it used to be. Word of mouth (or the internet version - word of mouse) is much more important now that everyone can talk to everyone else. Heineken must know. 365films is built on the word of mouse idea.

Pic is from here.


The Uncle said...

Obviously this is the way things are going but the transitional period is a troubling propect for us viewers.

As advertisers shift away from TV, revenue drops as does the programme quality (how can it get any lower!?), unless the public pay more fees.

I already feel I'm paying for TV twice over what with the license fee and my cable costs.

Do we sit patiently and wait for the web TV revolution or do we sit and wait patiently for the web TV thingy whilst watching the new Countdown series, penniless and happy.

Tim Clague said...

Stop giving people money when they make crap TV.

Rich S said...

I wonder if Heineken have considered that any drop in sales might not be down to a change in viewing trends but more likely the fact that their beer tastes like rancid piss..

Tim Clague said...

That's the scary thing about the new interconnected world. You can't market your way out of a problem - you have to actually do something. Its not good trying to continue to flog your fancy new can opener (as a random example) if everyone on the net is saying it is shit. The good news is if your can opener is great and at a good price people will recommend it. Less marketing is needed!

In some small way Rich has now started the downfall of Heineken.

Rich S said...

As a user of the internet, using my new found influence and celebrity I am also prepared to endorse Heineken, for a price, in spite of my comments to the contrary - this is the contradiction of celebrity, you can use it for what you want, and sell yourself for a quick buck.

The internet is rubbish? I don't think so, it's the source of all my power.

Tim Clague said...

He's sold out the cheap tart