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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sunshine blog

Here is a new blog site for a film by Danny Boyle called Sunshine.. Its early days but the blogger is caught in the middle of the very fight we are talking about on this blog. She want to use the new 'open and direct' model. The studio (obviously) wants to use heavy controlled marketing. See this particular entry.


johneyericks24736450 said...

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Paul Draper said...

Not surreal enough, come on you can do better than that John.

Sunshine looks visually nice.

Gia said...

Thanks for the link!

Getting the Sunshine blog up and running has been quite a learning experience for me *AND* for everyone involved with the film. My instinct is exactly the same as yours- 'open and direct'. But I *do* have to factor in this big machine that is already in place... and find ways of fitting in between the cracks. If I can show that 'our' way of doing things really does have value then we really will start pushing on the old way of doing things.

Then maybe in a year or two when a film is in the early stages of pre-production all of the 'open and direct' stuff will be written into everyone's contracts.

Until then thanks for helping to spread the word about the blog!

Paul Draper said...

It's a good idea - essentially the film goes out into the public domain anyway (opinions, reviews), so why not start that process early with free access and chat about the basics of the production.