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Friday, October 28, 2005

Off topic - democracy in the 21st C

A little off topic musing...

We now live in a world of conversation and discussions. It doesn't matter where you live, we can talk about our shared interest - in the case if this blog; writing and distribution thinking.

Where is this heading? The end result of all this is groups of people that are united by thoughts, opinions and ideologies - not geography.

The impact - in terms of the real world what does this matter? Perhaps one view is that Governments will become squeezed and seem useless. Terrorists (another group linked by ideology, not geography) are fighting against a certain way of life, not against a country.

Britain isn't under attack - ruthless capitalism is. So what does the British Government have to do with it? What can it do? Its irrelevant!

No wonder voting is down in most democracies. I feel I have much more in common with people across the world than I necessarily do with people that live nearby. Why do my politicians have to represent me geographically. That isn't where my heart is.

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Rich S said...

Interesting thought, I have to admit that at 32 I have only ever voted once in a general election, and that was to keep the tories out rather than to get anybody in particular in.

It's unfortunate but this disenfranchisement from politics that is felt by most of the population is actually giving the govermnment mor power in spite of the fact that less of the population want them in power. The fact is that so few people are paying attention to what they are doing they can do what ever they like and go largely un-noticed, and with the availability of cheap food and entertainment (the proverbial bread and circuses) most of the population are so comfortable in their own little world that they don't care.

A case in point is the occasional fuel rises that come along. Everybody pretends to be disgusted but nobody wants to upset their lives enough to actually stop using their cars for more than a day to make their point, the irony is that most of us idiots are actually rushing out to buy more fuel on the night before a 1p rise, giving the government and the fuel companies a nice little weekend bonus...

You are right to suggest that you are more likely to have common ideologies with people accross the globe rather than in the house next door, your common bond is probably with small film making communities in copenhagen and bombay, but can you imaging if the 'short film party' got in to global government? The bad guys would all die in a car crash and the hero would always get the girl - problem is that most of us would struggle to get funding...